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All-in-one marina management solution that makes your marina more efficient and profitable.
Pleasure to customers

Pleasure to customers

Improve the boaters’ experience through easy and flexible communications with the marina, which enables them to order basic services (check in/out, payment, boat lifting, assistance on arrival etc.) or make custom requests, such as ordering a bottle of champagne on arrival.
Productivity to staff

Productivity to staff

Empower your staff and give them more time to conduct productive activities by automating manual, time-consuming tasks, such as the checking of boat movements, entering new data into the system and extending contracts. Your staff will also obtain a complete overview of customer data on their mobile devices.
Power to management

Power to management

Enable Marina Management to keep their promises with a powerful tool for planning and service organization. The Marina Master personalized app gives them complete control of marina operations and a real-time business overview of critical data (audit trail, cash flow, statistics) anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

Total control at your fingertips

Maintain full control through your touch screen mobile device wherever and whenever. Everyone – from customers and marina staff to marina managers – enjoys its simplicity and user-friendliness.

Available as a cloud-based solution

Remain flexible and reduce your infrastructure costs by using the Marina Master as a Cloud-Based Solution.
Cloud-based solution
Choose the modules you need

Pay only for what you need

Choose the MODULES you need. Select All-in or start small and add modules as your business grows.
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Total connectivity with external systems

Watch how smoothly operations flow when all connected systems speak the same language.
Total connectivity with external systems Total connectivity with external systems Total connectivity with external systems

Why choose Marina Master?

During our 25 years of experience in creating cutting edge investment banking software, we learned a thing or two about what differentiates a great software solution from an average one.

CRM designed specifically for marinas

Advanced CRM designed for marinas provides the best user experience to all users: customers, staff and managers.

Safety & reliability

We guarantee a safe and reliable software solution supported by the latest security and data protection standards.

Worldwide Support

A support team of professionals is covering your back at all times. We speak more than 7 languages and our list of local partners all over the world continues to grow.

Switching is easy

The best solutions are simple. You will be able to start using your Marina Master in a matter of days. Without interrupting your workflow and over-burdening your employees.

In the end it pays off ...

We are proud to learn that the Marina Master software has helped a large number of our clients in achieving their goals faster and with much less effort.
“Soldiers Point Marina is proud to be the 1st marina in Australia to be using the Marine Master Software and the best thing about it is how versatile it is and how cooperative and diversified the owners are willing to customise to our needs – it is a pleasure to work with Vesna & her team. Nothing is too hard – everything is prioritised and to date they have met all their expectations.
The software not only improves the day to day operations but is saving me $1,000’s of dollars a year in operational costs. Marine Master have managed to integrate with MYOB, a first for them also, without a glitch and I would recommend the software and staff in control to any marina. Happy to discuss more with anyone interested!”
Darrell Barnett CMM
Marina Manager, Soldiers Point Marina, Australia
“D-Marin Portonovi Marina implemented Marina Master not while ago, but already sees its huge advantages. The reliability and Smart specifications are making remote controlling very simple. Everything is just a click-away and very easy to access. This software gives us an opportunity to interact with customers through CRM and to refine internal communications.”
Nikola Banović CMM
D-Marin Portonovi Marina, Montenegro
“Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard (GCCM) is one of the largest marina and shipyard’s in the South Pacific built on providing world class marine services to boat owners. We have recently changed our CRM system over to the Marina Master platform to provide our operation with the next level of customer service and organisational efficiency.
In the short period that we have implemented Marina Master, we have been able to automate a majority of manual operational processes, which will assist in developing a professional and hassle free experience for our customers and increase the yard efficiency. The support team at IRM know their business well which helps with timely updates and system developments that we can efficiently roll out to benefit the customer experience. GCCM would recommend this system to a shipyard looking to take their customer service to the next level.”
Luke McCaul
GM Customer Experience & Property Management, Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard, Australia
“I have worked in the Marina Industry now for 20 years and have developed an acute awareness of how significant the role of an effective office management system is to the running of a successful Marina property and business. As General Manager of Breakwater Marina in Townsville, I started the search for a replacement software resource in 2017 that would contemporize our administration, add portability to the procurement of information, integrate with existing ancillary systems and markedly improve the communication we have with our customers. After extensive research and having had glowing references from existing users of Marina Master, I was comfortable signing up to the platform.
Since working through the inevitable teething problems that come with the transference of such a bulky data set and setting parameters that are specific to our property and business, I’ve found our business has improved markedly. That’s due in large to having a far more efficient management system that allows staff, across the business, to spend more time in other productive areas of the business. The platform has driven the professional perception our customers have of our business through the innovative use of technology, adaptive connections to existing systems, a modular approach that allows you to expand the system as your marina business grows and diversifies and the customization of reports and communicative templates through a dedicated CRM. As is always the case with complex systems, things go wrong from time to time but the support and development team at Marina Master are fantastic to work with and they understand the impact on business when the system’s not fully functional. I would have no hesitation in recommending other Marina Owners and Operators to consider seriously making Marina Master an integral part of their business management.”
Scott Marshall
General Manager, Breakwater Marina in Townsville, Australia
“The quality of customer support that we receive from Marina Master is second to none. When searching for a new program we needed to find a system that could handle the very high volume of reservations that we deal with in a season and the Marina Master program has exceeded in all our expectations. It was also very important that we find a program that could not only provide us with the standard daily, monthly or yearly reports to run our businesses but also the ability to create new site-specific reports curtailing to each properties unique needs and the Marina Master Team was always there to help. It has been a pleasure working with Tone and his team and we are looking forward to growing with them in the years to come.”
Kevin Lussier CMM
Regional Manager, Ocean Havens Distinct Waterfront Properties

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Marina Master team

Marina Master© is a family owned business with more than 29 years of experience in providing state of the art Marina Management Software Solutions worldwide. Our cloud based platforms are driven by customers’ needs and are utilized by marina owners, managers, staff and boaters. Our agile development and support team is guided by professionalism and expert knowledge. We are proud that our customers appreciate Marina Master’s flexibility, drive and heartiness and identify us as a global leader in the industry.
“Every experience with our customer is goldmine for our strategy”, say Tone Britovsek M.Sc., Founder and Owner, Vesna Pavlovic M.Sc., CEO and Irena Cadez M.Sc., CEO, Marina Master©.
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DAME 2016
MIA member
ICOMIA member
Highest Creditworthiness Rating
ISO 9001

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