Marina Master partners with Ayacht Technology Solutions to boost Marina Management Solution in the US

Marina Master’s consulting approach started in Marina Group in the Boston area

Marina Master’s software solution, a product of a European family owned company, has recently entered the United States market with the first customer being a large Marina Group in the Boston area. The customer started using Marina Master’s advanced solutions, designed specifically for marinas and yacht clubs. Marina Master’s solution for each marina and yacht club was prepared and precisely implemented and customized according to each marina’s specific needs and individual plans. The Marina Management solution is not just technology, but also a new mindset that affects the organization, enabling a re-think of the marina staff work pattern, culture and more. Therefore, the Marina Master team designs an individual strategy for each marina.

The customer’s main goal was to automate the management system and remove reliance upon individuals. They were looking for a user-friendly, simple solution to enable them to easily move each slip’s position, location, and status of occupancy. They wanted to have the ability to add new services so that the system could be as “future proof” and flexible as possible. They wanted also effective integration to QuickBooks (import General Ledger Journal). Another extremely important requirement was that the solution could support multiple marinas and with the capability to add more in the future, with common customer and boat data, but separated financial data for each marina.

Ayacht Technology Solutions has been signed on as the US-based reseller/distributor for the product and is expanding the brand in this new market for Marina Master. Their professionalism is proven by a track record of successful client engagements within the New England market for nearly 15 years, with a commitment to consistently providing expert technology services to their customers.

Ayacht Technology Solutions is a full service Managed Service Provider and Technology Integration company providing Concierge I.T. services and solutions to their customers. They install and maintain computer systems, cloud solutions, wireless, security, video and telecom for their customers both within in the New England region and throughout the US. They have designed, installed and maintained the Wi-Fi and network systems for high end, demanding customers such as the Boston Red Sox.

Ayacht Technology Solutions was looking for the right marina management solution for their customer. Mark Ayotte, CEO of Ayacht Technology Solutions said: “We went through a process of looking at over 10 different packages in depth. What brought us to Marina Master was flexibility, and some key features that others could not replicate. Our customer wanted a scalable solution that fit their business model and not one that would require them to change the way they did business for it to fit.” This solution’s flexibility is especially important in the time of rapidly changing and evolving marine environments when marinas need to adapt fast to achieve long-term goals. Mark Ayotte said, “Our client saw a feature that no other application could replicate which is the marina schedule screen where all slips can be viewed by any desired timeline, to enable efficient optimization of slip reservations and maximizing marina bookings. We asked all the others vendors if they had this feature and none had it. The available features and customizations meant that the Marina Master solution was clearly the best choice for our customer.”

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Marina Master Exclusive Schedule and Management Screen Marina Master’s approach is not only to offer the solution but also to consult at all levels by providing the best analysis, solutions, and implementation experience according to each marina’s specific needs. Marina Master’s contribution to marina management is to improve efficiency by effective slip occupancy management, including history and future projections on occupancy, standardization of documents (Quotes, Invoices, Emails, Contracts), automatic contract renewals, effective boat data collection, solution for online booking support, accurate, simple and consolidated billing/invoicing, credit card handling and storing, dry dock reservations operations, automatic reminder system (through email, sms, myMarina), full reporting (daily, weekly, monthly, occupancy, marketing, financial and other specific), effective support for slip rental, connectivity to external systems (water, electricity, fuel) and more. The important advantage is that processes & services in the marina are automated to the greatest extent possible, leaving marina staff with more time for added value activities such talking with customers, which improves marina-customer relationships. By the time marina staff makes their first personal touch, the customer is already warmed up.

Marina Master has integrated with one of the largest payment gateway companies in the US, FreedomPay, so marinas have flexibility in choosing a payment processor. This integration allows Marina Master users to pay slip fees and other charges directly through via the web or mobile device. Marina Master’s connectivity with your chosen payment gateway (FreedomPay FreeWay, Merchant Warrior or other) makes payments easier, faster, convenient and secure.

CRM - the heart of marina management solution and team’s approach

Marina Master’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is designed specifically for marinas and will complement any marina’s customer experience with its flexibility and customization according to the individual marina needs, over the long term. “Visiting a marina shouldn’t be just an urgent duty such as finding a berth or fuel pump, but instead an unforgettable experience”, said Tone Britovsek, M.Sc, Marina Master founder. Marina Master’s solution is designed to improve marina management not only for marina managers and staff, but also to improve boater’s experience with innovative modules.

Marina Master experts continuously learn about CRM trends not only with the aim to offer better solutions for marina clients, but also to use an effective CRM approach at all stages of finding, implementing and maintaining the solution for marinas. The team is very cooperative, versatile and open for new challenges and ideas. Nothing is too hard and everything is prioritized. Marina Master’s approach is strategic with the aim to help and serve above the expectations long-term. Marina Master’s comprehensive approach also involves support with training marina staff and management for as long as necessary.

“The marina management solution that is flexible enough to develop continuously according to the marina’s needs and latest trends will boost their competitive advantage and improve their reputation among existing and potential customers”, said Tone Britovsek, M.Sc., President, Marina Master”.


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Marina Master is compliant to EU GDPR - new General Data Protection Regulation that come into effect on May 25th 2018.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy.

myMarina portal can assist you to become GDPR comlipant in all relevant communications and workflow with your customers.

myMarina portal gives the marina customers:

  • direct and efficient communication tool enabling them to order, control and supervise services anytime, anywhere from any mobile device,
  • freedom in communicating with marina; they can order basic or individual services anytime anywhere,
  • flexibility in changing their personal data or unsubscribe from newsletter anytime,
  • communicate securely with marina staff and vice versa and more.

If you are interested in myMarina, please inform us and we will give you FREE myMarina with your username and your password which will enable us to inform you about further Marina Master news and enable you to unsubscribe from news anytime and more.

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Marina Master was recently implemented in two new marinas.

Marina Preko, located in the island Ugljan is one of the newer Croatian marinas. Marina is modern equipped and is one of the first marinas where you can pump the faecal water. Marina Management decided to change software and they recently start using Marina Master. They use reception desk, guest cehck in/out, Dock walk, automatic invoicing, automatic contract renewal, sending offers, graphical berth reservation system, standard statistics reports & analysis, basic CRM - emailing, accounting and more.

Marina Čikat, located in island Mali Lošinj can accommodate 200 vessels of various lengths. Almost family atmosphere and regulars ensure a pleasant stay in this beautiful and one of the safest bay in this area. Marina Management decide for Marina Master software with the aim to improve productivity and marina-customer relationship. They use Marina Master's modules: reception desk, graphical reservation system, Dock walk movement control, automatic invoicing, automatixc contract renewal, offers, standard statistic reports, accounting. They can use Marina Master from any mobile device anytime.

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Marva Parken started using Marina Master as marina management tool: reception desk, movement control, invoicing, graphical plot management, mobile park control, customer relationship management -CRM, management standard reports, accountancy, store module including warehouse administration.

Marva Parken consists of five residential parks, together 1700 plots and is located in the beautiful coastal area of Middelkerke and Westende-Bad.

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Port of Helgoland started using Marina Master as marina management tool: reception desk, movement control, invoicing, graphical berth management, berth reservation system, CRM, management reports, accountancy rules applied on services and more.

Port of Helgoland is located in the only German island out on the high seas and possesses several small port facilities that are particularly suitable for offshore sector service providers. The harbour provides good protection and is very occupied in the season. Helgoland is also very health holiday resort due to its clean air and mild climate.

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Glossy Bay Marina, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in Caribbean, started using Marina Master as a marina management tool for Food & Beverage services and will continue to use other functionalities in 2017. The Glossy Bay Marina opened in December 2016 and will accommodate up to 110 vessels, each of which can range from 110 metres to 10 metres in size. During construction the company tries to adhere to the environmental laws and has tried to make a limited impact on the natural landscape.

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MARINA MASTER awarded at METS 2016 and successfuly presented at ICOMIA 2016

Within presenting Marina Master on METS 2016 in MYP we gained new precious and valuable opportunities to cooperate with marinas, Yacht Clubs worldwide. It was our pleasure to learn more about marina customer's needs & requirements and latest updates on the worldwide status of the marina market. We see every experience & moment of truth with our customer as goldmine for our strategy.

Tone Britovšek, M.Sc. , Marina Master’s founder, has shared knowledge & best practice within creating new advanced CRM culture in Marinas, Yacht Clubs on the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference on November 18th.

We are proud to announce that our product myMarina was awarded by Special Mention Dame Award on METS 2016.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nov 2016 myMarina for the i-NOVO Award 2016

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We are proud to announce that our product myMarina has been selected for the NauticExpo i-NOVO Awards in the Tech category.

myMarina is new integrated cloud-based CRM focusing on improved boater's experience.

Features: • myMarina gives the marina customer direct and efficient communication tool enabling him to order basic services (check in/out, payment, boat lifting, assistance per arrival etc.) or custom demands (such as bottle of champagne on arrival), control and supervise services anytime, anywhere from any mobile device. • myMarina gives marina management very powerful tool for efficient planning and service organization/control. • myMarina makes new advanced services like berth-sharing, boat-sharing and etc. possible.

Benefits: • The boater has an improved boating experience through peace of mind knowing that his expectations will be met. • With myMarina the marina management is able to keep their promises. • myMarina creates a new and unique improvement of customer- marina relationship.

For the complete overview of the i-NOVO 2016 awarded products, visit

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Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nov 2016 myMarina for the DAME - Design Award 2016

We are proud to announce that our product myMarina has won special DAME Design Award in the category Marina equipment, boatyard equipment and boat construction tools and materials by the jury for the DAME - Design Award 2016.

myMarina is new integrated cloud-based CRM focusing on improved boater's experience. myMarina improves the boater's experience by giving him peace of mind knowing his expectations will be met. Easy and flexible communications with marina enable him to order basic services (check in/out, payment, boat lifting, assistance per arrival etc.) or custom demands such as a bottle of perfectly cooled champagne on arrival. With myMarina the marina management is able to keep their promises.

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