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MARINA MASTER ACADEMY© vision is to help Marinas, Yacht Clubs, Marina resorts and Ports to have knowledge and exchange best practice experience which enable them always to stay at the top of latest Marina Industry Trends.

Marina Master Academy© was founded within Marina Master family business with more than 29 years of experience & knowledge in marina management software solutions in marinas worldwide, lecturing and presentations at marina events worldwide, membership activities within MIA (Marina Industry Association - Australia), AMI (Association of Marina Industries - USA), ICOMIA (International Council of Marina Industries Associations - worldwide), EBI (European Boating Industry), SMIA (Slovenian Marina Industry Association - Europe) and more. Marina Master Academy© activities enable Marina Master team to help improve marina management and success of marinas, Yacht clubs and ports worldwide, which has important effect in changing marina/boating industry on different parts of the world. 

Marina Master Academy© offer lectures & training according to your individual request.  

Marina Master latest free webinars:

General Webinar: Manage Marina from Home will bring you all the information that will help you stay on top of your business by utilizing the Marina Master app and myMarina app. The sessions are created for marina owners, marina managers, marina staff and boaters.

Quotes, Agreements, Invoicing and Receiving Payments will help you simplify the process of sending quotes, signing agreements, invoicing and receiving payments. All of this can be done from the comfort of your home by utilizing the Marina Master platform.

Customer Arrival (Self Check-in) and Remote Control of Marina will help you simplify the process of customer arrival (self check-in) and remote control of the marina. Customer check-in, docking, live view of the docks, orders delivery, invoicing and more can be managed remotely by utilizing the Marina Master platform.


1. MARINA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE AS WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY IS BECOMING A MUST-HAVE. Forward-thinking marinas will be focusing on mobile-first, the trend is to provide as much functionalities as possible through mobile device, not only general services but also individual, for example that boater can order bottle of champagne on arrival from any mobile device.

2. AUTOMATION OF ALL PROCESSES & SERVICES IN MARINA. Therefore marina staff has more time for added value activities, which improves customer relationship. By the time marina staff makes their first personal touch, the customer is already warmed up.
3. SECURITY THAT IS MORE ACCESSIBLE FOR MARINAS OF ALL TYPES. Principles of security will remain at the heart of development efforts. Marina Manager has got a ton of customer data to protect. The software solution has to provide SSL/HTTPS certified connection, backup, UPS and more.

4. CRM - THE HEART OF MARINA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION. CRM, designed for marina specifics is becoming an increasingly important part of the marine industry. Software’s capability to deliver customer experience is requested by 94% of marina managers within Marina Master customer’s database worldwide. Therefore the solution should be designed to improve marina management not only for managers and marina’s staff but also to improve customer experience with innovative modules, customized solution according to customer individual needs
5. MANAGEMENT REPORTS AND PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS WILL TAKE CENTER STAGE. Marina management software has to enable management complete overview of customer data, history & future reservations and customized specific reports & analytics, which allows management to forecast marina situation and customer behavior in certain times of the year.
6. TIME IS MONEY. SELF-HELP MIGHT NOT BE FOR ALL. Marina staff and customers require fast, immediate and preemptive responses while raising a request. For example innovation - assistance per berthing/arriving will keep marina staff on alert when customers come near marina on water/land. From other point of view this  innovation enables customers to self-order assistance per berthing/arriving from any mobile device any time. The ratio between self-help and staff-help must be provided in the appropriate level depending on the service specifics.
7. CLOUD ADOPTION WILL CONTINUE TO RISE. The marina management software industry has been adapting to the changing technological dynamics of Cloud, IoT, VR and other. Marinas need to embrace dynamic technology. Marina Managers are increasingly requesting for Cloud Based Solution, which enables them better access to their data, flexibility, higher security and lower infrastructure costs.

If you are interested in individual Marina Master Academy© lectures or training or need more information please feel free to contact us.