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SFM Marine is new name in premier maritime services and investment, providing personalised and high-quality services with speed and mobility. SFM Marine takes its name from the shortfin mako shark – the world’s fastest shark - and has a vision to be fastest, most agile and responsive commercial marine service in Australia.

The nature of marina services and environment is indeed changing, especially in current unusual pandemic times. Today’s boaters and marinas are becoming more demanding and digitally-focussed and are increasingly looking for more personalised solutions for their needs.

Marina Master©’s digital all-in-one solution is designed for marina specifics and is changing the way marinas operate. Now part of SFM Marine, Marina Master© is helping them successfully realise their challenging requirements and goals within their long-term strategy.  

“The Marina Master team have taken the time and been dedicated to understand the requirements of SFM Marine, whether it be berthing, maintenance, project management or custom vessel construction.  They have responded in a timely and punctual manner throughout the set up process and the platform has engaged where necessary with our billing, security, CRM and management systems’’ said Matthew Neal, General Manager, SFM Marine, Australia

Marina Master©’s agile development and support team is guided by professionalism and expert knowledge and has helped marinas by providing them with digital solutions that suit their customer’s needs. Consulting on best practices in marinas worldwide for more than 29 years is shared through Marina Master Academy©. Marina Master© team is proud that Marina Master© users worldwide appreciate Marina Master©’s flexibility, drive and heartiness and identify Marina Master© as a global leader in the industry.

“Every experience with our customer is goldmine for our strategy”, said Tone Britovsek, M.Sc., Founder and Owner, Marina Master©.

Value added for marina managers, marina staff and marina customers

SFM Marine customers receive added value and benefits because they are free and flexible in communicating with marina. They can order basic or extended services according to their individual needs, quickly & simply from their mobile or tablet, which is very user friendly even when sailing.

SFM Marine staff benefit especially due to new Timesheets module which improves and automates their services, work orders, planning of working hours and more. Examples of digitalised and automated processes include:
  • checking boat movements,
  • entering new data,
  • extending contracts, and
  • additional labour-intensive tasks.
A leap forward is integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously called Dynamics NAV). Marina staff now have a powerful tool for complete an overview of customer data, history & future reservations, internal/informal notes, alarms providing them with a modern way of communication with customers through email, text messages and notifications, simply and from anywhere, anytime. The Personalised Marina Master© interface offers adaptability and customisability covering complete marina and boatyard services as well as dry storage facilities. This gives users more time for added value activities, talking with customers, which is an important investment in customer relationship improvement.

Marina Master© consulting approach improves SFM Marine management systems from the owner’s & manager’s point of view, who have complete control of marina operations and real time business overview of critical data from personalised Marina Master interface remotely from anywhere anytime. Improved mobility, speed and flexibility enable SFM Marine to follow their vision and develop continuously according to their individual requirements, latest technology trends and changing pandemic environmets.

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