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MARINA WORLD September/October 2021 issue about Marina Master Intelligent Systems, page 34-36

Marina industry has always been an environment of changes. More than ever, this has been the case during recent times where remote and distance were the standards for safe work. These challenges can be dealt by implementing agile and intelligent marina management systems.

Marina Master team is constantly on the lookout for new solutions that simplify marina operations. Our objective is to deliver innovative solutions before customers even request them.

Customer loyalty. The one goal that every business strives to achieve. Marina Master helps marinas retain customers by introducing an intuitive Loyalty system, designed specifically for marinas. Marinas can set up their own loyalty program with multiple tier levels and customized rewards. Customers are rewarded for their transient and seasonal stays. They receive in-store perks for purchasing items from marina store. Customer retention is guaranteed by offering fuel discounts to customers that meet loyalty tiers threshold of purchased fuel. Using intelligent system learning in loyalty program enables to predict future customer visits, cash flow, customer retention triggers and more.

Ocean Havens in Boston MA USA has worked with the Marina Master development team to integrate their loyalty program features according to Ocean Havens’ specific needs. “Marina Master’s loyalty program software integration has been a very seamless process. The Marina Master Development Team incorporated the many features for discounts and perks across the board by each membership tier for transient dockage, merchandise, fuel services, etc. This is the first season of the Ocean Havens’ automated loyalty program and it has been well received by our customers. Working with the team at Marina Master has been a very positive experience” said Chuck and Ann Lagasse, Principal, Ocean Havens LLC, Boston, USA.

A leap forward for marina management and marina staff

Most recent Marina Master intelligent novelties with a goal to improve marina management and organization are Time Sheets Module, Asset Management module, Bank Feed Module, Event Management, F&B, Asset & Maintenance Management Register module including Cleaning Maintenance, Purchase Order and more. These innovative solutions facilitate marina business, reduce their overall yearly fees, staff training costs and resources, which is especially important in rapidly changing marina environment and unusual circumstances with Covid 19.

The reliability and Smart specifications are making remote controlling very simple. Everything is just a click-away and very easy to access. The system is so flexible that you can always add new requirements with great solutions provided,“ commented Nikola Banovič, CMM, D-Marin Portonovi Marina, Montenegro. 

Timesheets Management module improves planning of work in boat yard and maintenance services, enables working hour tracking and profitability analyses. Workers on boatyard can simply input their working hours using mobile device, which can be reviewed and approved by their managers remotely anytime anywhere. Using intelligent system learning in Time Sheets Module enables to define future workloads for workers and suggestions for improved time efficiency and more.

We have had a number of people using the timesheets already and entry has been very easy. Even for those who have no interest or are ‘scared’ of using computers. Thank you for setting up such a simple processes for the guys to use", said Daniel Ward, Business Analyst, SFM Marine, Australia.

Asset & Maintenance Module is designed to assist business in streamlining both scheduled and unscheduled tasks and enables storage of details on all owned assets. Marina staff benefit in scheduling maintenance, safety checks and ensuring that registration and insurance are kept to date. Module also allows for the creation of in-house work orders based on dock walk or seasonal site checks such as  storm/cyclone season preparedness. A relevant addition to this module is the ability for sites to track Cleaning Maintenance, this will enable marina managers and marina staff to ensure that the regular cleaning tasks have been completed, by whom and when it is due next. These tasks can be schedules to occur every hour, 6 hours or daily and more. Using intelligent system learning in Asset Management enables to predict when the machines will not be usable anymore, possible lost due to remount, future monthly and yearly costs and cost allocation and more.

The Bank Feed module enables simple upload of your bank statement from your bank/financial institution to Marina Master©. Marina Management benefit in faster reconciliation of payments, enhanced control and allocation of BPAY, cheque & EFT payments and more.

We look forward to rolling out more new functionality for our customers and staff in the coming weeks and months and to working closely with the Marina Master team to continue enhancing the way in which the system supports our marina management and most importantly, customer service,” comment Tom Lord, CMM, Limassol Marina, Cyprus.

Added value for marina customers

One of Marina Master’s improved solutions that enable innovative, intelligent, faster and simpler boater experience, is charter reservation system with integrated payment portal for various marina services: online berth reservations, room rentals for meetings, SUP hire, booking of courtesy cars, meeting rooms, SUP hire or other offerings from the marina. The charter systems allows customers to view what is available for hire, enter their desired time, process payments and more, all through myMarina app or integrated into marinas website.

Ronautica Middle East offered online charter reservation system to their clients as one of premier maritime services through Marina Master myMarina portal. Mr. Abed El Rehman Akawi, Ronautica Middle East, comment: “The charter booking system is simple and powerful, as it automates the process of scheduling and managing charter reservations while also improving customer experience by integrating a great payment portal and allowing online booking and payment through the myMarina app.”

Partners to boost marina management solution and innovation

Marina Master is constantly expanding partnerships worldwide with the aim to achieve new knowledge, new experience and to follow latest trends within innovative and intelligent solution. Marina Master clients in Australia highly appreciate excellence, help and innovation of DASH Symons, Marina Master key partner and representative in Australia.

Marina Master’s continuing work with FreedomPay, Merchant Warrior and other payment providers is enabling solution to be even more intelligent, secure, fast and simple and achieving new certificates.

Marina Master never-ending work with other precious partnerships and marinas, ports worldwide are goldmine for their strategy in improving marina management solution. 

Consulting approach as “the heart” of smart solution

Marina Master© agile team’s valuable advantage is advanced consulting approach, which they see as important part within implementation of marina management systems. “Every experience with our customer is goldmine for our strategy”, said Tone Britovsek, M.Sc, Founder and Owner, Marina Master. “We always listen to each customer need and utilize requests in a custom-tailored solution”, says Vesna Pavlovic, M.Sc., CEO, Marina Master. Marina Master cloud based platforms are driven by customers’ needs and are utilized by marina owners, managers, staff and boaters. All-in-one solution is focused on complete control of marina operations and includes CRM designed specifically for marinas, real time marina overview & reporting, movement control, accountancy, payment system integration, automated meter readings, fuel consumption tracking, access control system, wireless vessel tracking system and more. Personalized Marina Master interface offers adaptability and customizability for every marina, port, yacht club, shipyard, boatyard and dry storage facility.

There are no two marinas operating the same way. Every marina has its individual soul”, said Tone Britovsek M.Sc, founder and owner, Marina Master. According to more than 29 years of experience in marina management worldwide, Marina Master team is aware that marinas have in common that they all need flexible solution and trendy enough to follow ever inconstant marina internal and external environment.