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Marina Master’s knowledge and real world experience has enabled the platform to adapt to the new real world challenges being faced by marine businesses around the world. Whether it was businesses having to work completely remotely or implement an online induction and customer welcome process Marina Master was there able to adapt the existing system to meet the businesses needs. Now in 2022 Marina Master is proud to exhibit the latest modules on offer to further benefit our existing clients as well as those who are thinking of transitioning.

Marina Master’s new modules coming soon:  

Purchase Order
This module works in conjunction with our existing POS and work order modules, the now PO module will allow staff to send PO’s direct to suppliers, track open or pending PO’s and receive in stock and mark the PO as ready to be paid or closed all from the one system. An export out to the main finance software is also available to help track costs and expenses directly from MM.

Payment Terminal integration with Marina Master
The terminal integration enables marinas to process payments through a Merchant Warrior Terminal in real time. This integration means that there is no need for marina staff to enter the amount that is due to be paid as the terminal is linked directly to the MM system and will pull the amount payable from the payment screen. Once the payment has been processed the invoice will be automatically marked as paid with the correct payment type and the receipt ready to be printed or emailed directly to the customer. This integration is set to remove the need to manual handling and potential mistakes made in the statement of account.

Marina Master’s latest new modules:  

Advanced Food & Beverage Module
This module is a fantastic add on for any marina or boatyard who manages a restaurant, cafe, bar or food truck. Orders can be placed and invoiced to account or paid immediately at the register by the patron.  The system is set up to be utilized with touch screen monitors, giving staff the ability to simply navigate the system.

Advanced Loyalty Module
The latest enhancement to MM enables marinas to retain customers by introducing intuitive loyalty system. Marina businesses can to set their own loyalty program with multiple tier levels and customized rewards. Customers are rewarded for their transient and/or seasonal stays. They can receive in-store perks for purchasing items from marina store. Customer retention can be enhanced by offering fuel discounts to customers that reach certain loyalty tiers.