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Marina Master CRM©  is designed specifically for marinas, marina resorts, yacht clubs, boatyards. 

Marina Master  Customer Relationship Management cloud based platforms are driven by customer's needs and utilized by marina owners, marina managers, marina staff and boaters worldwide.

There are many ways Marina Master CRM© can bring together all your marina clients and even target the new ones before or after high nautical season: 

- customer's Lead and Prospect Management  enables you understanding who your leads are and allows you moving leads - boater's from the first point of contact to the moment of service as efficient and effectively as possible. It enables you lead tracking, lead evaluating, who is interested in what services and what channels are most appropriate to track and communicate with specific lead group and more.    

- marketing campaigns enabling you planning and doing marketing campaigns:
  1. defining marketing campaign staff (MM CRM user group/rights, alarms, activities),
  2. choosing customer/lead group (filtered by lead characteristics),
  3. choosing marketing channels for sales activities (app, sms, email, linkedIn, website etc.),
  4. preparing templates (newsletter template, webpage content template, email template etc.),
  5. adding/connecting channels to specific lead groups,
  6. post campaign follow up activities and more.

- myMarina mobile app, easy & modern and customizable for clients and internal communication enables communication with marina staff, ordering services, payments, confirming offers, digital contract signing, complete overview of boat data, viewing their vessel current situation live through stream camera footage (CCTV), requesting berth/car assistance per arrival, advanced services (boat/berth sharing and more.

- loyalty program  enables marinas to set their own loyalty program with multiple tier levels and customized rewards. Customers are rewarder for their transient and seasonal stay, They receive in-store perks for purchasing items from marina store. Customer retention is guaranteed by offering fuel discounts to customers that meet loyalty tiers threshold of purchased fuel. Using intelligent system learning in loyalty program enables to predict future customer visits, cash flow, customer retention triggers and more. 

- customer activities: bulk emailing, SMS reminders & alarms, automated processes: digital contract/offer signature, payments, complaint management and more

- solution for restaurants: advanced Food & Beverage Module is a fantastic add on for any marina or boatyard who manages a restaurant, cafe, bar or food truck. Orders can be placed and invoiced to account or paid immediately at the register by the patron. The system is set up to be utilised with touch screen monitors, giving the staff the ability to simply navigate the system. 

- CRM Analytics
, customizable reports (attached enquiry analysis, yield analysis) and more

Marina Master CRM© all-in-one solution:
- manages all customer's interactions with marina through different media, mobile phone messaging, enquires from website, email etc.
- handles all customer's relationships, focusing on tracking customers activities, behaviour, opportunities, service usage, sales, marketing activities, support processes and more.

Marina Master CRM© advantages are: flexibility, consulting approach and trendiness according to more then 30 years of experience in marinas worldwide.

Marina Master CRM© result is improved boater's experience, increased marina staff productivity, increased profit and unique customer-marina relationship.