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Marina Master enables agile automated process from boater’s first contact with the marina, staying at the marina & using services, departure and more in every stage of the process of customer journey within becoming loyal customer.

Smart automated services include: automated reservation process, berthing payment, boat arrival, staying at the marina, using/ordering services and final departure.

Smart reservation process. The digital process begins when customer creates reservation online from marina home page. Customer enters necessary data from predesigned reservation form that is adjusted according to marina needs. The harbor master is immediately informed about new reservation in his mobile Marina Master© application and choose reservation as accepted and confirms boat’s arrival. Customer request berth assistance from his mobile device before arriving at the marina. On the day of boat arrival customer will be accepted and helped at the dock by marina personnel. Immediately after reservation confirmation boat is placed in the system visible to all Marina Master© users.

Advanced invoicing, digital signature & payment. On his arrival customer receives welcome email from marina presenting them marina services, service level agreement and basic terms and conditions. Customer orders additionally boat lift and painting from his mobile and coffee and newspaper simply from his mobile device. Marina staff will trigger invoice to be generated automatically and send to the customer’s email to confirm, digitally sign and pay.

Automated contract creation & extension & payment. Customer automatically receives also contract to sign digitally from marina by email. Prepared contract is already prefilled with customer data. Customer can review contract and attached terms and condition. Customer can also select some optional services such as power or water connections at the pedestals, car or parking and more. Customer simply opens the link in the received email and confirm the contract with his digital signature in Marina Master©. Contract template can be adjusted according to the marina policy. Customer is requested to sign each page of the contract and upload additional documents such as insurance policy etc. Customer can add some remarks as well. Immediately marina staff is automatically informed about new contract signed and confirmed and customer's remarks, possible new requests. After digitally signed contract payment for the contract fees and utilities is automatically invoiced and processed in General Ledger.

Kevin Lussier, CMM, Regional Manager, Ocean Havens Distinct Waterfront Properties, United States, comment: “One of the best things that we have done this past year was to work with the Marina Master team to move our seasonal contracts to automated processing. After all the customer/boat information is entered into Marina Master, the agreements are emailed to the guest where they can review their information, update their credit card details, and then complete the process by a digital signature. The Marina Master team also set the system up so that the guest must provide their update insurance information. This one example of the automated process has saved us a lot of time by no longer having to scan and upload the agreements and the fact that you can email all our agreements by a click of the button is amazing”.

State of the art berthing control. During customer's stay in marina the Dockers will regularly check whether the boat is berthed or not. This can be done in several ways, for example using CCTV cameras of performing regular dock walks. On the day of boat departure customer can simply leave with no need to announce the departure at the reception desk. The Marina Master© application will automatically record the departure and vacate the berth in the system. After every departure customer automatically receives thanking email from marina and encouraging to share their impressions and suggestions. 

Unique customer & marina relationship. Boater’s journey in smart marina result in improved boater’s experience and increased loyalty. Boaters are peace of mind knowing that their expectations will always be met. Marina Management is able to keep their promises.

Darrell Barnett CMM, Marina Manager, Soldiers Point Marina, Australia, comment: “The secret of our customer satisfaction results is in our commitment to striving for excellence in all areas of our business and our consistency in delivering the highest level of service to all our guests. Marina Master smart software solutions help us within achieving our goals and enable us a lot of flexibility in customizing solution according to our requirements, trends and ever evolving services. myMarina enables our customers to make restaurants reservations, call for assistance by boat or car, have quick access to marina business offers from tenants and more. We follow Marina Master development and will action to implement some more smart & automated services in the near future. The best thing about it is how versatile, cooperative and diversified the app is and to date Marina Master have met all our expectations. The software not only improves the day to day operations, but is saving me $1000s of dollars a year in operational costs.

Fit for the Future. Marina Master© smart solution enables contactless management for marina owners, managers and marina staff within controlling and digitally managing customer relationships and servicing, fully automated and digitalized, requiring minimal engagement of marina personnel. Marina Master’s© other latest innovative features are: Advanced Food & Beverage Module, Payment Terminal Integration with Marina Master, Purchase Order, Advanced Loyalty Module and more. 

It’s about the people. Marina Master© team is constantly developing new smart features, following innovative requests from their Marina Master© users located in different parts of the world, now for more than 30 years. “Every experience with our customer is goldmine for our strategy”, said Vesna Pavlovic, CEO, Marina Master©. Within their agile development priority is automation & trendiness of every process in the greatest extent possible resulting in smart Marina Master© solutions. And within Marina Master© team service, help and consulting to Marina Master© users priority is heartiness & flexibility.