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Marina World interview with Kevin Lussier, CMM, director of operations, Ocean Havens LLC, USA:

1. How have you implemented Smart technology? Please briefly outline the system(s) you have installed?
All of our marinas have implemented Marina Master software to streamline the reservation process, send automated emails, build seasonal dockage contracts and more, with ease. Marina Master softeare is integrated into our website to enhance the user experience. We even developed loyalty program to give back to our customers with discounts on fuel, dockage and more.
We user other forms of smart technology beyonf our reservation and communications system. To create better security at our facility, we give each customer a key fob that allows them access onto their dock and keeps unauthorized individuals from entering the marina. Our parking lots also use technology to keep record of available spaces and allow our customers into the lots with their key fobs.

2. What are the benefits? If you have encountered any problems, how have you solved them?
Our Marina staff has seen and increase in efficiency knowing technology has automated processes that previously took away from other responsibilities.
The team at Marina Master is knowledgeable and quick to resolve any problems that arise. For example when we notices customers signing up for the loyalty program multiple times, Marina Master quickly adjusted the contract automation to only display the sign-up form for those not already in the program to prevent duplicate records from being created.

3. How have your marina customers responded?
Customer respond very well to the loyalty program. Marina Master software helps determine the status level for a customer, and applies their benefits to aplicable transactions.Being rewarded with savings is incredibly valuable to our boaters.

4. Do you plan further smart initiatives? Over what timeframe?
Our team is always thinking of new ways we can use the software and leverage automation to our advantage. Something on deck at Charlestown Marina is creating a scheduled pump-out form through Marina Master to make this amenity at the marina more efficient.

Marina World interview with Darrell Barnett, CMM General Manager, Soldiers Point Marina, Australia:

1. How have you implemented Smart Technology? Please briefly outline the system(s) you have installed?
We implemented smart Marina Master solution step by step, focused on CRM  Smart technology that enable us to offer our guests unique customer experience. The best thing is how versatile the system is and how cooperative and diversified the owners are willing to customize to our needs - it is a pleasure to work with Vesna & team. Nothing is too hard, everything is prioritized and to date they have met all their expectations.

2. What are the benefits? If you have encountered any problems, how have you solved them?
The Marina Master software enables a lot of flexibility in cutomizing solutions according to our requirements and ever evolving customer services.
The software not only improves the day to day operations, but is saving me $1000's of dollars a year in operational costs. Marina Master have managed to integrate with MYOB.

3. How have your marina customers responded?
Marina clients who try our marina services & facilities, are returning and becoming long-term loyal customers. myMarina enables them making restaurant reservations, call for assistance by boat or car and have quick access to marina business offers from tenants and more.

4. Do you plan further smart initiatives? Over what time-frame?
Yes, smart initiatives are part of our strategy and updating & upgrading luxury facilities and services for our guests according to latest marina industry trends. Customer and marina requirements are constantly developing accordint to rapidly changing environment in marina industry.

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