◂ BACK     July 10, 2020  |  Views: 1678

In this ever-changing world, Marina Master© acknowledges the importance of being agile and adapting to the ‘new normal’. With COVID-19 bringing many industries to a standstill, there are several industries (marina for example), fortunate to remain open. In weathering the storm, a raft of changes have come into effect to maintain physical distance, remove cash payments, giving higher priority to implement various faster, simpler solutions that enable improved control, reduced cost and more.

Marina Master©’s main goal is to assist customers and marina owners/operators through this period and therefore Marina Master© team focus closely on new range of modules and upgrades releasing in the coming months: Bank Feed module, Purchase Order module, Asset & Maintenance Register module including Cleaning Maintenance module and more.

The new Bank Feed module enables simple upload of your bank statement from your bank/financial institution to Marina Master©. Marina Management benefit in faster reconciliation of payments, enhanced control and allocation of BPAY, cheque & EFT payments and more.