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In this ever-changing world, Marina Master© acknowledges the importance of being agile and adapting to the ‘new normal’. With COVID-19 bringing many industries to a standstill, there are several industries (marina for example), fortunate to remain open. In weathering the storm, a raft of changes have come into effect to maintain physical distance, remove cash payments, giving higher priority to cleaning maintenance and implement various cost reducing measures.

Marina Master©’s main goal is to assist customers and marina owners/operators through this period and into the ‘new normal’. Therefore Marina Master© team focus closely on new range of modules and upgrades to existing system functions, releasing in the coming months.

Marina Master© team believe that by introducing new modules such as Bank Feed module, Purchase Order module and Asset & Maintenance Register module including Cleaning Maintenance module, businesses can be facilitated in lowering their overall yearly fees, staff training costs and resources by combining them all within Marina Master©.

The new Bank Feed module will be released with two options, the first being a manual upload of the bank statement file and second, an automated daily upload from your financial institution to Marina Master©. The module will allow for faster reconciliation of payments and allocation of BPAY, cheque & EFT payments.


For Boatyard businesses, the new Purchase Order module will interact directly with the existing Stock Management module. Businesses will now be able to input/load their suppliers’ details and stock into Marina Master© and (from the system) staff will be able to generate Purchase Orders. Purchase Orders can then be sent directly from the Marina Master© system and when stock is received, staff can enter, close the Purchase Order and mark it as ready to process by Accounts Payable. In addition, this module can also be configured to create automatic Purchase Orders for each supplier based on minimum stock levels (pre-programmed in the system) and will sit ready to be sent or modified by staff.

The last of the new modules is Asset & Maintenance Register, designed to assist businesses in streamlining both scheduled and unscheduled tasks. This module will enable storage of details on all owned assets, allowing staff to schedule maintenance, safety checks and ensure that registration and insurances are kept up to date. It will also allow for the creation of in-house work orders based on dock walk or seasonal site checks such as storm/cyclone season preparedness. A relevant addition to this module is the ability for sites to track Cleaning Maintenance, this will enable marina managers and marina staff to ensure that the regular cleaning tasks have been completed, by whom, when and when is it due next. These tasks can be scheduled to occur every hour, 6 hours or daily etc.

In aiding Marina Master© sites to continue with business as ‘unusual’, they are implementing some changes to existing modules also. These changes alongside existing Online Booking module and Marina Master© Apps allow staff to deliver the highest possible level of customer service while limiting close contact and maintaining recommended physical distancing. Changes include:
- introduction of remote dock walks utilizing the CCTV system,
- remote check-in at the click of a button with automatic meter read functions,
- the ability for customers of the marina to load and save preferred payment methods through the myMarina© App (setup DDR & CCA)
- changes to ordering systems allowing marina customers to order take away food and drinks, billing directly to their account with the ability to pay with (in system) saved card details.

As the needs of Clients and Business evolve, Marina Master© team is committed to making the transition of New Normal as seamless as possible. The introduction of these modules is a first step in the right direction to simplified, minimal contact processes for staff and clients, made possible by Marina Master©.